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Open or Closed?

"The most important thing to me is firearm SAFETY and Chamber-View® is a product which reinforces that message. It's what will be in all of my firearms." – DOUG KOENIG

Open and Safe

"There is no better product on the market than the Chamber-View® ECI for teaching shooters the importance of always knowing when a firearm is unloaded and safe." – JESSE TISCHAUSER

Chamber-View: See Safety Fast

The Chamber-View product line has created a solution to an age old problem of gun safety. By "Seeing Safety Fast" Chamber-View provides instant recognition and nonverbal communication amongst shooters, personnel & observers that a firearm is clearly safe by indicating an open action.

  • Chamber-View provides instant recognition that a firearm is safe by indicating an open action to surrounding shooters, personnel and observers.
  • Chamber-View enhances the safety of the shooter by aiding against accidental closings of the action.
  • Chamber-View also helps preserve firearm performance by preventing elements from contaminating the ejector port, magazine and barrel.
  • Chamber-View is made of ultra durable silicone in highly visible "BLAZE" orange and will NOT melt or deform in a HOT barrel.
  • Chamber-View models have unique universal designs.
  • Chamber-View provides a NON-VERBAL communication and allows you to See Safety Fast.
  • Chamber-View┬« is designed in N.H., USA and Patented #8857092.
Lars Jacob

Endorsed by Lars Jacob, renowned fine shotgun expert. "There is no substitute for safety. I insist on Chamber-View in my shooting classes and in the field."