About Us

Mission Statement

At the Chamber-View® Company, our goal is to enhance public safety by sending a highly visual and recognizable message to restore the confidence of safety in a firearm user and the surrounding individuals. It is our desire to empower firearm users to shoot safe, shoot smart.


The Chamber-View® product line is a universal, long lasting solution to an age old problem by inventor Ned T. Bitsack. As a shooting sport enthusiast, Bitsack knew there had to be a faster, more obvious nonverbal way to identify the firearms safe-worthiness and thus, an idea was born; Chamber-View® brand empty chamber indicators (ECIs) for firearms.

A dentist by trade, Bitsack utilized his mechanical and dental engineering skills and materials to develop unique types of ECIs. Requirements to be met were that it must be multi gauge compatible, highly visible, long lasting, durable, finger friendly and protective to the firearm components. The Chamber-View® product line includes safety devices for semi-auto/pump shotguns, AR-15 type rifle platforms (MSRs), bolt action rifles, breach loading over/under and side/side shotguns, semi-auto pistols (ejectable holster and non-holster) and firearm ECI accessories.

Chamber-View® Products

Chamber-View® empty chamber indicators (ECIs) are designed to provide a high level of visual safety and security. Molded of ultra durable silicone in BLAZE ORANGE, the units provide instant recognition to surrounding shooters, personnel and observers that a firearm is safely positioned in a FULL OPEN ACTION. Chamber-View® ECIs enhance the safety of the firearm user by aiding against accidental closing of the action and help preserve the firearm performance by preventing elements from contaminating the ejector port, magazine and barrel. The units are resistant to a wide range of cleaning chemicals and are non-marring to the internal and external firearm surfaces. Their unique design allows them to fit multi calibers.

Benefits of Silicone

The Patent Pending Chamber-View® products are made of 100% silicone. The benefits are that it has a long service life, minimally affected by weather extremes, flexible and resilient across a wide range of temperatures, enhanced comfort and feel, won’t scratch surfaces, excellent sealing performance, inertness to wide range of fluids and chemicals, can be brightly colored, water repellant, excellent heat sink, heat resistant and vibration damper.